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1. The SimuPLC 4.1.0 - Simulador de Controlador Lógico Programável (programmable logic controller - PLC - Simulator) is offered free "as is", without any type of support, no guaranty neither warranty of whichever order or kind, neither any type of help or assistance in the installation, programming, training, utilization of the examples, resolution of eventual problems originated of the use or misuse of the software, etc.

2. The Simulator in screen was designed and implemented purely for aid purposes in teaching and learning of the concepts and fundamental principles of the PLC equipments, providing simulation of its basic functioning and seeking to introduce programming facilities, by way of the project and implementation of a new language, specific for programmable control, the Linguagem de Comandos Elétricos (Electric Commands Language) - LCE.

3. Although it can be made simulations and use of the SoftPLC facilities on some simpler kinds of actual programs in development or production stage, such practice isn't encouraged in any way if the objective isn't purely to illustrate, facilitate and make more interesting teaching and apprenticeship of some forms of PLC-based programmable electro-electronic controls.

4. That is, all and any applications of the SimuPLC 4.1.0 on development and/or production environments are expressly discouraged, even in elementary programs of control. Its objective is purely instructional, and its finality and motive of existence is so purely didactic.

5. All codes in LCE or IL provided together to the SimuPLC 4.1.0 serves merely to the finality of illustration of its use, and they must not, in the whole or in part, under any circumstance, be utilized in effective programs of control before rigorous adaptation to the situation, to the installation and to the actual equipments where eventually they will be applied.

6. I Alert too that the SimuPLC 4.1.0 does not substitute neither dispenses any literature in the area, this one will must be fully studied and assimilated for, inclusive, better understanding and utilization of the Simulator.

7. All user is free to:

i) distribute the SimuPLC 4.1.0 free of charge, as long as it's not by Internet way and he musts give knowledge of these "Terms and Conditions of Use" at the moment of the distribution;

ii) utilize it as well as please him/her, keeping always the information of the original copyright.

8. When the user obtains the installer, installs the SimuPLC 4.1.0, or utilizes it in any case, he/she will be tacit and implicitly agreeing with the Terms and Conditions above.


Download Now

Size: 3.25 MB

To install, download and execute the file InstallSimuPLC410 Eng.exe and follow the presented instructions. Notice that demo programs coded into LCE and IL will be placed in the folder "Examples", inside of the installation folder.


If you wish to install by way of floppy disks:

floppy 1:


Download .exe            Download .001

floppy 2:

Download .002

floppy 3: 

Download .003

Anterior Version: 4.0.0


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