Demonstrative Control Programs Into LCE

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The following control programs coded into Linguagem de Comandos Elétricos - LCE, will be placed, to demonstration of SimuPLC 3.2.0 finality, on folder "Examples", when it's installed:

  1. 3-Floor Elevator
  2. 3-Phase Motor Star-Triangle Start Up
  3. 3-Traffic Light
  4. Bottle Filling
  5. Demonstrates PID
  6. Detector of Fail
  7. Drain Pumps
  8. Empty Pool
  9. Factorial and Fibonacci
  10. Filling Bobbins
  11. Presence at Home Simulator
  12. Processing of Milk
  13. Pulses Width Measurer
  14. Pump - Manual or Automatic
  15. Push Button On_Off
  16. Receive Transmit Byte
  17. Robots Assemble Tangram Quadrate
  18. Temporize Scan Cycle
  19. Test of High-Speed Counters
  20. Traffic Light with Timing Informing
  21. Turn on Weekend Alarm
  22. Watch
  23. Water_Tank 2 Pumps

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