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SimuPLC - Programmable Logic Controller Simulator

Write a program of control coded in the Linguagem de Comandos Elétricos (Electric Commands Language) - LCE, implemented particularly for programming electro-electronic controls systems, compile it and get code translated into mnemonic instructions list IL and respective ladder diagram, with simulation of its functioning, at interactive and visual form, still relying some virtual plants for more realistic simulations.


See Examples of Screens of the SimuPLC 3.2.0


The SimuPLC aspires to introduce a new language, the LCE, dedicated particularly to the codification of programmable controls, which will may be developed only if it be considered useful by the students and/or professionals of systems of control and PLC equipments. Then, send me suggestions and critiques that will be greatly valuable for eventual bloom of betterment in the Simulator and in its language LCE.

See a Source Program in LCE


Attempt also, utilizing the SimuPLC, to solve the exercises below:

Exercises For Training


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