Ladder Diagram - Diagram of Contacts of Relays


Sight of part of the ladder diagram (diagram of contacts of relays) the drawn by the SimuPLC:
   diagramaladder211 eng

When the user right-clicks on any of the components drawn in the diagram, will be displayed the dialog box below, that allows change of the respective instruction into source code in IL, followed by its automatic compilation. For that this one works, the compilation of the source must be up to dated, in other words, the source code must not be altered directly in the IL editor without to proceeded the respective compilation. At first, only the fields of operation and of the operands that have value will be enabled to change, but, case the user wants to change the operation/instruction to other that has more operands that the original one, it's enough two fast clicks on the field of the operand to be included to this one is enabled. In the case of change to instruction with less operands, it's enough to delete the operands in excess.

   alterainstruçãotela211 eng

Obs.: change by way of this expedient only will alter the source code into IL, it does not change the source into LCE.

See left-click.

Technical Notice
: though control programs with diagrams of some complexity are correctly drawn in the Simulator, programs of arbitrary complexity surely will have the superior limit from one should be to have its ladder diagrams represented inadequately in the SimuPLC (though yet correctly simulated, which ceases to occur only in the complexity degree well larger). However, programs of control with finality of apprenticeship normally of the not present great complexity, where it's expected that all or almost all diagrams in this circumstance are accurately represented. Naturally, something suchlike occurs in the compilation and in all the other aspects of the program.